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Daily News in form of meme. Can you believe that?🤯

Hello Friends, Today’s story is about a 19YO creator who is a memer (a person who loves creating memes), a first time founder who is building a business on meme.

Let’s explore the journey of this inspiring creator.

Puru is currently pursuing BBA and building Nyus, an app that gives news in the form of memes.

Q. How your journey as a creator started?
It wasn’t an intentional decision, to be honest.

I started using Twitter and following people in the startup space.

I thought maybe I should tweet as well as it would help with my personal brand, hiring, etc. And I started competing with a friend for followers.

And I haven’t stopped since 😅

Q. What’s the first-ever thing you have built or created?
Wow, that was a long time ago.

I guess it was the first website I created in class 7 when I first started coding.

Q. What’s that one thing you are most curious about?
I am probably most curious about why people do what they do. So basically, psychology.

Q. What’s the one mistake you have done and will advise others not to repeat that?
Not executing!

I had millions of ideas during the last few years, but never really did anything about it.

When I got the idea for Nyus, I made the app in 2 days and just launched it!

Q. Which book you are reading these days? Which Genre excites you the most?
I only read startup non-fiction. Although I bought “Kane and Abel” which was suggested by a friend.

Right now I am reading “The hard thing about hard things”.

Q. How did you acquire 10k users for @nyus_app?

A. It was mostly paid social media marketing, to be honest.

After the first few users from paid, it’s now that we have started seeing organic downloads.

And we hope this trend continues to grow and make organic a big channel for user acquisition.

Q. What do you love to do when not working? Any hobbies you want to share?
I like to play video games and read books sometimes.

Apart from that, just basic Netflix, YouTube and stuff.

Q. Can you tell a bit about “Nyus”?
Nyus is the news app for Gen-Z. It gives news as memes and takes news from a text-y boring thing to a fun, engaging and even binge-able experience!

Q. What would you recommend to others who are looking to start their careers in the startup/SaaS space on how to go about it?
As I have said to others, I don’t think I am still in a position to give advice. The only thing I have learned till now is that get started, and after that I am still learning :)

Q. Suppose there is a big whiteboard in front of you. What’s the first line you would like to write?
We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why else even be here? ~ Steve Jobs

Creator Story | fueler.io

Nyus App

An app that gives news in the form of memes.

Creator Story | fueler.io

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Creator Story | fueler.io

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