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Hello Friends,

We usually hear this, “Do not listen to what others are saying about you”. But, when it comes to building companies, what others are saying is the most important thing someone look into.


Well, we are discussing about “Social Proof” here today.

And, who will know this better than today’s creator who has shown us the importance of social proof and how to leverage it.

Sharath is a founder of Shoutout, A tool to turn your existing social proof into a beautiful wall of love super quickly.

He is a passionate community builder, who helps brands leverage community and grow exponentially. He is currently working as a community program manager at ProductHunt.

Q. As you are currently building and growing Shoutout, curious to know how your journey as a creator started?

A. It all started 3 years ago when I was in between roads of failing at a startup that has just started and taking the chance about what I want to do next. Deciding what I wanna do next. And, that’s when I found nocode.

When I found nocode, I felt very empowered. And, I started building things, started bringing ideas to reality.

Q. What was the first-ever thing you had built with nocode?

A. My first ever project is called “Tools for Makers”. While I was discovering this new wave of nocode tools, I got introduced to so many of them and along the way, I start noting them down.

I thought this might help others who will start exploring nocode. So, I just gathered all these tools and came up with “Tools for Makers”.

Basically, the intention behind coming up with this was to solve my own problem and put it outside.

Q. Why a startup should start building community from the first day of starting up?

A. Community building is an essential pillar. So, you have to have a community in order to get some feedback on things you work on.

And, once you launch your product, there is no way, you are going to get how it did if you don’t have a community. That’s why you have to have a community.

Treat this like, you are a magician and you are playing your best works in fornt of an empty audience in an auditorium.

It’s a way of involving people in the early stage, mid-stage as you grow. So, you will find loyal customers and you build a cult-like community. They will follow you, wherever you go irrespective of the products you build.

People follow people, people don’t follow products.

Q. We have seen you being vocal about Building in public, so my question is why do you prefer #buildinginpublic?

A. Building in public is a way of you inviting your audience with you. So, you invite them, you make them inclusive into your story and they feel like they are with you.

It’s a great way to share lessons.

It’s a great way to be better.

It’s a great way to build relationships.

There are only upsides of building in public, it’s a way of building a community. So, it’s a good strategy to start within a long term way.

Q. Why do you suggest individuals focus on building proof of works?
Proof of work is a great way to tell the world that I am good at these things. It’s the most important thing which only talks about actions.

You can say that I am good at marketing or building or coding but where is the proof?

So, instead of talking, you do these things and you build a portfolio of your proof of work and people will relate to that more than you talking that I am good at something.

Q. What's something you learnt/realized recently that you wish you learnt/realized much earlier?
I think, when I started my journey as a maker, I never felt like the community is a must, something you need to have.

Later in the point, I realised that you need to have community, you need to figure out distribution channels.

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Q. Can you tell a bit about ShoutOut?
Shoutout makes it incredibly easy to tap into your existing social proof and turn it into a beautiful “Wall of Love”.

Q. What's the one best book you have read that has made an impact on you?
Wayne Dyer is a master when it comes to connecting people to the intention! I’m truly grateful for him on many levels.

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Q. What would you recommend to others who are looking to start their careers in the startup/SaaS space on how to go about it?
Follow this 👇

Q. Suppose there is a big whiteboard in front of you. What's the first line you would like to write?
Build your wall of love

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Shoutout makes it incredibly easy to tap into your existing social proof and turn it into a beautiful “Wall of Love”.

Capture, curate, and publish a wall in less than 3 minutes.

Creator Story || fueler.io

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Creator Story || fueler.io

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