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Focus on System not on Goal

There is a very famous quote, “You are what you eat”.

In the same way, your goal will be achieved if your system to achieving that goal is heading towards that.

You can’t become writer if you don’t have time to read.

To produce good writing you have to read good things in context of your interest or domain.

There isn’t any other way you can write. If you read, you get inspiration to write. Then you plan how you will start that writing and how you are going to end that.

But to do all these things you have be focused on building your system that will help you read content that will help generate writing inspirations.

In the same way you have to focus on building a system that will help you achiving your goal or whatever you want to achieve in life.

Before focusing on building a system, you have to have clarity on your goal.

“What You want to achieve?”

“What path you will follow to achieve that goal?”

“What are the distractions you would have to ignore?”

“What are the food routine you would have to follow?”

By getting clarity on these questions you will be able to focus on building your system.

If you get clarity on these questions before adopting your built system then later you will not blame anyone if you do not succeed in achieving your goal.

Your Goal is nothing but the sum of things you do, you eat, you follow in your daily life.

Do you know how computer work?

A set of hardware devices that perform certain task by taking input from you and show you result you want to see. And, the results they show comes from programs they have executed this may vary program to programs. May be every system will not give you same result for your input and tasks that you have told to perform.

This is how we perform certain tasks by taking inputs from others, ourselves and then at the end of execution of that program you get your result. And, resulted output will only match with your aimed goal if you perform required tasks to achieve that goal in your system.

This concept has been driven by a very famous writer James Clear. He has Explained this concept in his book “Atomic Habits

Let me know if you need ebook copy of this book.

Thanks for being with me.



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