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Hangout with people who you are dreaming to become

Designed By: Canva

It’s very simple to understand for them who have experience this in their life but at the same time very complex to understand for them who are unaware about this and how much impact this can create.

Don’t worry, let me simplify this for you.

Firstly tell me one thing,

What are you dreaming about?

Want to become next billionaire?

Want to be selected in National cricket team?

Want to become principle engineer?

What actually you want to become and dream about whole day & night?

If you haven’t figured that out then don’t worry, I understand it’s not that much easy to crack in the world where you are just one tap away from next new life, new story, new journey and because of that you get new thoughts for your next new dream.

And also do not worry if you are someone who are dreaming to pursue multiple things. There isn’t anything wrong with this mindset. And don’t listen to them who say live your whole life by following one passion or dream.

See, we humans are only the creatures on this plant who are allowed to explore and experience different domains, different dreams.

We are the one who have power, capabilities, exposure to do this. Others are just focused on their food and survival.

So, it’s never late. every new day comes with new opportunities. Take time and decide “What you really want to become?

And, Hanging out with people you want to become is a fully experimented technique of growth shared by those people who have achieved whatever they wanted to achieve and dream like us.

Impact of environment on your brain matters a lot. By environment means, people who live in your surrounding, foods you eat, water you drink, air you breath, thoughts you hear, etc. These things play role in how your brain is taking shape, how you are gonna take particular decision.

People in your surrounding play major role in your mind’s growth. Because, In reality they are the one with who you share thoughts. If you live in a surrounding where people are kind of narrow minded, negative thinkers, non-dreamer, people who are happy with life they have either it’s in bad situation or good. Then you should decide sudden shift from that surrounding if you are someone who dream big, want to do something big in life, want to solve people’s problem, want to explore & experience different peoples and places.

All the best.

Thanks for being with me.

Let me know if you have any queries or want to discuss something.



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