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How to Host Projects On Vercel?

Just building projects are not enough, if it isn’t accessible to anyone to try it out, it’s just a folder in your system. While building projects, you should also focus on, whether you are making it live or not.

By making projects live, you have chances to ask for feedback/suggestions, invite someone to collaborate, share with someone as proof of works, etc.

So, in today’s blog we are going to learn, how you can host your website projects on vercel.

*Vercel is a platform which allows developers to build cool things and publish them on the internet.

These are the following steps you just have to follow and your projects will be published 👇

Step 1: Login/Register in Vercel

Step 2: Prepare project file and publish them on GitHub[How to Host Projects On GitHub?]

Step 3: Select Project

Step 4: Import Projects on Vercel

Step 5: Get Ready for Deployment

Step 6: Congratulations🥳, Your project has been deployed successfully.

Step 7: Hurry, It’s Live🎊.

Hope you have found this helpful. Please let me know if there is any issue you faced.

Thank you for being with me. See you in the next blog.

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