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How to Start Freelancing With No Experience?

As a newbie, getting the first project without having any prior experience in the industry is the biggest struggle.

To get started as a freelancer, you need projects to have experience and based on those experiences you can attract more and more opportunities.

Surely, It wouldn’t be an easy thing to achieve but ultimately you have to start from somewhere to get something.

Let’s discover how can one get the first freelancing project without having any experience 👇

Way to landing on your first freelance project start with building a mindset of bringing value to someone life and help them sort out their problems with the skillset and knowledge base you have.

The first step towards getting your first freelance project start with, when you start searching for opportunities, do not look at the paycheck you are receiving after completion of the project.

Instead look for things you are learning and exploring, look for experiences you are gaining, look for the network you are building.

Because ultimately these are the things that going to help you make tons of dollars once you will have experiences and social capital to showcase.

“Work for free whenever you get the chance”

There are brands and professionals who do not have that much amount to pay, but they have valuable projects that can help you gain experiences, skill sets, network and many more things you can’t even imagine.

Now, let’s make it simple for you to start acting on this asap.

Steps you need to follow to gain experiences

  1. Search for projects that aren’t looking for experienced individuals
  2. Pitch them, you will work for free with no compromise in quality and deadline
  3. Ask for testimonials
  4. Document them on your work portfolio

Congratulations, finally you are experienced with market-level skills and knowledge base 🎉

Annndd, now you are ready to get your first paid freelancing project 🎊💥

Hope you find these helpful, pls do share if there will be anything we can help with.

Thanks for reading, keep fueling ⚡



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