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Make a valuable UI Designer Profile on Fueler.io

Fueler.io for UI Designers — Guide to creating your profile on Fueler.io

The ultimate guide for UI Designer on Fueler.io

fueler for UI Designers | fueler.io

We are writing this guide to help you make an engaging profile on Fueler.io. This is based on a series of experiments we have done to create an effective profile of our users.

We have tried to put it up in the form of multiple options to showcase your works.

Option 1:

  • Design 3 Apps with 20 screens each (Topics — ‘Doctor's appointment and pay fees online, ‘Finding private tutors in your locality’).
  • Design websites for each of the app

Option 2:

  • Design a Brand. It’s basically you can design everything that a brand needs with all High-Fidelity graphics.

Example — UrbaCo | Clothing Brand

Option 3:

  • Design 6 websites User Interface with 5 pages each and Design for total 3 types of screens like — Desktop, iPad, Mobile Phone
  • Post blogs and article on them

Option 4: (Dashboard Design)

  • 1 Dashboard for Sales Management
  • 1 Dashboard for Car Dealers
  • 1 Dashboard for Uploading product on e-Commerce Website
  • Re-design Fueler.io Dashboard
  • Design any 6 UI components that you want to see in Fueler.io

Option 5:

  • Design 3 Full sets of different UI Kits.
  • Any 4 projects using Figma
  • 2 projects using Adobe XD

Option 6:

  • Add top 10 YouTube channels that help you to Learn UI Design
  • Any 8 UI Design projects
  • Choose 4 popular user Interfaces and re-design it

Fueler.io is a platform that helps individuals in showcasing their proof of work. A platform where aspiring individuals get inspired by discovering inspiring individuals and their best works.

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