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We need cashflow #DailyBlink101

Photo by Will Drzycimski on Unsplash

This Sunday we have launched Impact.

Impact is our first product toward productising one of the services we have been providing to different brands across the world

We have been able to close more than 90% leads on brand identity work, that too through inbound. That’s the power of work and right distribution.

Impact has a quick 2-step checkout. Choose Logotype, Book Package. Simple and Quick. Currently we have not implemented any payment gateway. We are going to host it on Gumroad for familiarity and trust.

Why Impact?

Bootstrapping is hard. We are trying to come up with creative ideas to monetise our skills. This will help us in cashflow that will help us survive through. More than anything, a startup is about finding ways to survive and go through. That’s what Roach Mindset is all about.

Cashflow will help us build our distribution engine. It will help us reward the #TeamFueler

The world is running on incentives. Incentives helps us understand our capabilities and potential impact we can make in the world.

However in a small startup team, unexpected incentives are always a great idea. With more cashflow, it will help us support the hardworking Fuelers through incentives.

Until now

We have been already receiving queries across multiple platform on design and logo identity work and collaborations. Impact is just the productization of the whole process in a 2 step quick and easy process.

Upnext, we have got plans for DopeUI and Creatons. It is going to be interesting. I’m really excited about it.

Both the above are going to be based on collaboration which is a backbone of Fueler.io

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you find it helpful. Say Hi 👋 Twitter Instagram. I’d love to connect with you.

Currently I’m building Fueler.io with a small and young team from India. Fueler.io is a social platform for the generalists. It helps you capitalize your proof of work. You can create your profile for free.

Let’s talk soon 🤝
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