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What Makes You a Multiskilled Individual?

You must be thinking, I have heard skilled individuals, but what is this multiskilled?

Don’t worry about the term, today, we are going to discuss this in detail. Do you know what makes an individual, a skilled individual?

An individual who has learned and trained themselves about particular skills, and they are able to build or create something based on their knowledge base of that skill, is known as a skilled individual.

Do you really think that one skill is enough for an individual to build a project and launch it, whether it’s a design project, development project, marketing project or writing project?

No, right?

Let’s say, you are a content writer, and you write blogs. And, you are looking for an internship as a blogger. But, when you landed on a brands hiring page, you see that they are looking for someone who write blogs, handle social media, write copies for their social media campaigns.

And, now you are exploring other brands opening but in most of the cases they are preferring individual who is good at handling multiple things.

What you would do, now?

Quit and look for something else? Or train yourself with those multiple skills and start looking for opportunities again?

Quitting is never an option, especially when your comfort zone isn’t allowing to go after it.

It’s better to focus on training yourself and start building multiple armors around yourself so that next time opportunity hit your door, you welcome them with your open arms.

Once you get into the zone of multiple skills, you start attracting opportunities from different domains and build a competitive edge for your career.

Just imagine for a second, you have skills that makes you unreplaceable wherever you go and look for opportunity. You get higher pay checks for being a generalist. Brands welcome you to work with them, people invite you to collaborate. Being a multiskilled has infinite leverage.


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