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Who’s job is safe?

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Job security is one of the most prioritized things we have in our daily life.

But, have you ever thought, whether your job is secured for your remaining life span or not?

If you are not thinking about this then you must think because we are living in the age of technology where now car no longer need a driver, food is being cooked by robots, drones are delivering your restaurant order, automation tools are managing most of the companies works.

In this scenario, companies will not think once before firing you. But, you have to think about “how to find job security?”.

Creative jobs are non-replaceable”, said Naval Ravikant(founder of AngelList).

What are Creative jobs?

Creative jobs are the kind of job in which you create something by yourself and can be monetized.

We also pursue creativity as a hobby. But, if we learn to make money from that then you are no longer pursuing your hobby. That has now become a job.

Of course, peoples can replicate your creative creation but no one can replace your originality. It’s yours and only yours.

Creative jobs are like YouTuber, Content writer, Designers, Programmers, Developers, etc.

These kinds of jobs tag come with job security if you know, how to monetize/how to sell whatever you are building or creating.

Never stop upskilling yourself”.

If you understand this once, you will no longer worry about your job security.

Because you have learned to update yourself according to industry change.

E.g. You had learned Php for server-side development but nowadays Nodejs is in demand and if you are able to makeshift from Php to Nodejs then there isn’t any worry about the job security. You will get a project, earn money for your new learned skill.

When you learn to upskill yourself, you learn to move at the pace of the world’s speed. You are moving as the world is moving. It’s like not being too comfortable with your existing skills or job you already have.

Lastly, Let me show you some data points of Employment growth and decline by occupation:

As shown in the upper graph different jobs sectors have been affected. And people have loosed their jobs.

Think about your job security.

Do some creative stuff. And monetize that.

All the best.

Thanks for being with me.

Let me know if you have any queries or want to discuss something.



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