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Why Generalists will thrive in this ever-changing world?

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Let’s go on a walk, you just have left the home, and you met a guy who is facing a problem with his piano and he called you, and you fixed his problem.

You took next few steps and met with another guy having a problem with his software application, and he called you for help, and you fixed his problem also.

In this way, You met more than 10 another people having problem, and you help them in fixing them with your knowledge base, your multiskilled individuality.

After a few days, you get to know that few people from those reached out to you with multiple opportunities.

Now, let’s take another walk. You go on a walk, met with those people, but you weren’t capable of helping them out because you were only expertise in one field, you never cared why you should explore other domains and learn about them.

What would be that scenario, first where you are armed with multiple skills and able to attract opportunities from multiple sources and second you have only mastery at one skill and as time moved forward you aren’t able to attract opportunities because you never cared about diving and exploring other domains.

The main point of going on the walk is that when you build armors of skill sets and keep telling the world about them by working on a projects, building and shipping more often, you never run out of opportunities.

Keep honing your craft, exploring and building skill sets.

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