Create and Sell Digital Products

How would you like to create and sell digital products? You might be surprised how relatively easy it is to do this and start earning extra income.

In today’s podcast, I share information about why digital products are so effective. I also talk about the process of creating them — speaking from personal experience. Over the past week, I created a multi-part digital product offering just to demonstrate I could (and to create a passive revenue source!). Then I did a webinar about it and launched the product, How to Create and Sell Digital Products.

The opportunity to share your knowledge by selling it online is vast and continues to grow. There are virtually endless possibilities of packaging your expertise in a variety of digital ways, ranging from:

• Text documents
 • PDFs
 • Audio recordings (MP3 files)
 • Screencasts (visuals of your screen with a recorded voiceover)
 • Videos
 • Live and recorded webinars, conference calls, Google Hangouts, etc.
 • Written transcripts of an audio or video recording
 • Ebooks
 • Access to a private area such as Facebook Group, Slack community or other membership site
 • One-on-one or group coaching online
 • Software
 • Bundled offerings of any of the above

Digital products are extremely effective because they are:

• Typically easy to create — often with free or inexpensive software
 • Credible
 • Very accessible
 • Scalable
 • Timely
 • Evergreen

There are a series of key steps to create effective products. I talk about each of these steps, which include:

1. Concepting your idea
 2. Determining the tools to use
 3. Creating the content
 4. Preparing the digital files
 5. Selling your content online
 6. Promoting your product

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Show Links

Create and Sell Digital Products Course

Good places to sell your digital files:

Gumroad (I used this to sell the course above)




Note: This post was originally published at Go For Launch.