Renewable Energy is Ready to Topple Fossil Fuels Domination

In 2016, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported that fossil fuels will supply over 75 percent of the world’s fuel consumption through 2040. Our world hinges on the use of fossil fuels, but they present a big problem with global-spanning consequences: the burning of fossil fuels, which is necessary in order to generate energy from them, is overloading our atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other global warming emissions.

These gases create a blanket that prevents heat from dissipating into the atmosphere. This leads into a number of significant and harmful impacts, from stronger, more frequent storms, to drought, sea level rise, and the extinction of various species. The increasing volatility of hurricanes across the eastern coasts of North America, the bleaching (death) of corals all over the world and the loss of land by desertification in Asia, Africa and other regions are all examples of these harmful impacts.

The obvious response would be a switch to less destructive energy resources — harnessing renewable resources such as wind power and solar radiation seems like the most sound answer to our addiction to fossil fuels. However, wind and sunshine are not consistent sources of energy. Wind usually slows down at night and solar production peaks during the mid-day. Batteries offset this problem, to a certain extent, but they can’t be used en masse because they are far too expensive and don’t last nearly long enough, limiting the role they can play on the grid.

As such, most forms of renewable energy are still largely dependent on fossil fuel back ups that come online when the sun stops shining or the wind slows down, replacing green energy resources in order to keep the grid powered with electricity. Without such fossil fuel backups, we’d limit our supply of energy to the whims of nature.

FUERGY comes with a solution that makes the best use of current capabilities and introducing the blockchain as a decentralized marketplace for green energy. With our device, batteries are used as efficiently as possible. Instead of being charged up during the day and used at night, the FUERGY AI analyzes a variety of information (energy prices, the user’s consumption, weather and so on) to establish on a 15 minute basis whether to charge up your battery or sell excess energy to other users who need it. By interconnecting several FUERGY devices together, we achieve greater efficiency in energy sharing, not to mention reducing every user’s energy bill.

Only by leveraging batteries and allowing energy to be traded in an efficient, AI-powered pattern can renewable resources become self-sufficient, no longer relying so heavily on other energy backups.

This is what we mean when we say we are creating a fundamentally new and improved way of generating electric energy. We aren’t just using renewables, we are improving their versatility and breaking them free from their reliance on other energy backups.

Wind, solar and other renewable energy resources won’t immediately ween us off our need for fossil fuels. However, new and creative approaches to present problems that come from utilizing renewables will greatly accelerate the spread of green energy to populations all across the world. FUERGY hopes to become a big factor in cutting down our need for fossil fuels, and thus reducing the harmful impact of our current dependance on them.

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