WordsEye Worldwide

Now that iTunesConnect displays reviews, I can see more feedback in other countries for the WordsEye app launched on the App Store last November.

I’m glad to see hedgehog1965 there, whose review I hadn’t seen until recently as he’s based in the UK. He gave the most feedback via Testflight during the app development, whereas most Testflight feedback from other testers was of the “I don’t want to get these app update emails” which is actually a design problem with the Testflight app. There are buttons to stop notifications or stop testing at the bottom of the Testflight screen but you have to scroll to see them.

Anyway, hedgehog’s testing is a classic example of how important it is to have good users working with you before the product release. As a prolific WordsEye user:

who relied largely on the app for his WordsEye creations (which was very reassuring in itself that the app was useful), he not only reported and helped track down a lot of issues with detailed info, but prevented me from wasting changing stuff that didn’t need to be changed. I would ask, hmm, I’m thinking of changing this thing from single-tap to double-tap, and he’d reply, no, I like it the way it is! And just the lack of complaints in certain areas was indication that some areas were just fine, or at least good enough for now.

Here’s a closer look at what went into his latest creation:

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