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Edgar Moreau
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3 min readOct 20, 2021


FujiDAO was launched back in January and our long-term objective has always been to become a fully decentralized autonomous organization.

They say “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” That’s why we believe that the users of the protocol should be able to contribute and voice their opinion as they are the best-minded to drive its expansion.

In May, we started the first DeFi hiking with the release of our Alpha version and we promised to provide all the necessary equipment for the first 96 climbers. Some have fallen down and suffered at the beginning, but everyone safely got through the obstacles and diligently reported their feedback. Gathering a brave community was the first step in this great journey.

FujiFlops©: Hiking Edition ( 🗻 ,🩴 )

Today, we are pleased to announce that the 96 valorous hikers who first interacted with the protocol can now claim their FujiFlops NFT. This is a unique piece of art and the best gift one can make to their toes on the quest for absolute comfiness.

The Fuji hikers braved the weather and the lack of oxygen to make suggestions. Their contributions supported the early product development and helped improve the user experience. Thanks to their engagement, they are the first to enjoy the ultimate adherence of these freshly minted FujiFlops: Genesis Hiking Edition.

The release of this community NFT is an invitation to contribute and shape the future of the protocol. A pair of FujiFlops will empower its owner to participate in our pre-governance system by making proposals and voting for them. We consider this setup as an initial trial that will allow us to gather valuable experience before moving to the next stage when decision-making will be fully decentralized. The goal is to develop a great community and this pre-governance system is a step to make it evolve into a DAO.

🏅The “Bravery” Edition

There were 11 hikers that have fallen down and almost lost faith in the beginning because they ran out of gas. As sign of gratitude, they will receive a special FujiFlops “Bravery” edition.
All the other climbers that gathered after the initial run shouldn’t worry much; there might be more drops of high-end climbing equipment down the road… 👀

🍁 Combining art and technology

The NFT utility is a nascent topic and we are passionate about it. We believe FujiFlops will help in coordinating and improving interactions within the community. Smart contracts and blockchain technology bring the required confidence for individuals to trust each other in a decentralized manner. We are keen to hear your feedback and questions about such utilization and are happy to pursue the answers together.

Claim your FujiFlops: Hiking Edition!

🗻 About us

FujiDAO is a borrowing aggregator optimizing your costs in DeFi by automatically refinancing your loans across different markets. The app is already live on Ethereum and we invite you to learn more in our docs.

➡️ Alpha version

🩴 This is now the best time to join the hiking and we’re pleased to invite you on Discord to keep up to date with our upcoming news!



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