7 Approaches for a Purposeful Life

Afsheen Khan
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4 min readNov 28, 2021


7 Approaches for a Purposeful life

We often hear and read that a purposeful life is a blissful life. Perhaps, many of us don’t get the term and its exact meaning many times. Meeting your just essential needs every day is not the definition of a purposeful life. Deep inside, we all realize we need more meaning in life to satisfy our hearts and the inner thirst of doing something specific. Many people spend their life in welfare work even after earning money, name, and fame. You may say it’s a missing element that makes you feel unsatisfied, even if you spend your life comfortably and the way you want.

Recognize that potential in your heart

If you are still lingering between to catch that spark to recognize your passion or meaning of life. This article will surely be helpful for you. I choose the word ‘recognize’ because our potential is always instilled deep in our hearts. We need to realize it. To make it a reality, I have listed seven principle solutions practiced by the influential people of prospering, which will help you reap your life purpose.

1-Carpe-diem Spirit

“Carpe-diem” means seize the day. We all have a unique drive within ourselves that persuades us to do good things for the greater good from time to time. But, only with the help of consistent efforts and day-to-day choice, we can achieve it. This is the reason that you should suck the marrow out of life. It should be your first thought when you get up in the morning. If your enthusiasm towards your purpose is contagious, success will itself be attracted to you.

2- Go out of your Comfort zone

So many people today are gripped with fear of the future. The sense of fear often fosters a resignation of riskless living. Independence is a critical, vital need. You can’t grow out of your shell or get success if you fear every possible outcome. The first fundamental of success is to go out of your comfort zone.

3 -Patience is the key to success

We all want those big and shiny things- the results, that too our desired ones. But then we are reminded very painfully by our ability to produce and spend. Of course, we cannot go beyond our capability to produce. Being ignorant here would be foolish. Working hard with a constant need to educate and re-educate yourself with patience is key. Rightly said, life is a long-term learning process. All this needs time to happen.

“Stay guided by your values, not your necessities.” — Adam Braun.

4- Stop blaming and apply perseverance

This is a common observation of all of us. Whenever we see a problem or struggle, we tend to blame the time, efforts, and ourselves. Forgetting the fact, struggles, hardships, and trials are the meat-and-potatoes of life and a crucial test of your success. Be honest with yourself, never stop learning, and keep going with determination. Blaming may provide you temporary relief, but it lands us in a pit of failure in the long run.

5- Optimise your optimism

When we are conditioned to believe that we are victims of our situations, we lose our drive, hope, will, and determination, which makes us settle in resignation. Remember, you are the master of your will. Pessimism ruins your passion, and don’t let cynicism and negative thoughts come in your way. The positive driving force behind your actions yields success and makes you successful in reaping your purposeful life.

6- Your Priorities make things easier

Setting priorities is one of the essential cornerstones of living a purposeful life. You want to achieve something, and You need to prioritize your goals and actions. It makes a clear manifestation for you to see which tasks to pick, pass on, and which ones need to ignore. This is how you can optimize your energies and stay relaxed. Peace of mind is only achieved by a person who has developed a clear sense of priorities and lives with focus and integrity.

7- Align your life with your goal

The most crucial factor is to align your life with the goal you have explored as your life’s purpose. When you know that your life has a specific purpose, align it with your beliefs and values. Spending your time on your drive may not give you a high salary, but it sure gives you happiness.


In essence, living and discovering your purpose in life are two different things. If you have not found your purpose in life yet. Think and explore what excites you? What gives you inner happiness, and you are passionate about doing that? A purposeful life is confounded with other elements such as meaningfulness, coherence, and happiness. Yes, it’s possible to live a purposeful life.

Believe in yourself!

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