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Hit the road! Cross the borders!

Collage By Fujn: Top Left to mid-Left clockwise, Sara Sabry, Reem Acra, Marmar Halim, Zeinab Azzam, Nour Arida, and Aisha Ayensu.

Fashion Design

In fact, this era of digital and social media branding allowed women to display their talent and creativity to the world and showcase their ingenuity and identity through the field of fashion.

Marmar Halim:

Marmar Halim, Egyptian fashion designer who stands out while her home country is fawning over her elegant style, the entire Middle East has recognized her talent for a while now. Many Arab celebrities have been spotted wearing her beautiful designs. American stars also picked up on Halim’s talent, singer/songwriter Skylar Grey wore Halim’s work at the premiere of Suicide Squad film.

Reem Acra

Reem Acra, this native Beirut woman has gained much attraction with her bridal gown collection. Coming from a family of academia, she decided to pursue degrees in her passion areas of business and fashion design. Before starting her own line in New York, Acra worked as a luxury interior designer for three years. She finally found her stride in bridal gowns when she was designing a dress for a friend’s wedding in three weeks. This deadline determined a bet for her friend to go through with the wedding. However, she also has a knack for evening gowns, with a plethora of stars sporting her on the red carpet.

Aisha Ayensu

Watching her grandmother, Christie Brown, whom the label is named after, craft exquisite African outfits whilst working as a seamstress, inspired founder Aisha Ayensu to create her own fashion line. From a young age, Aisha experimented with African textile, creating outfits for her dolls in Ghana. In 2008, the label Christie Brown was born.

Fashion Bloggers & Influencers

A new role that emerged in the past decade thanks to social media platforms and that became pivotal in the fashion industry is fashion blogging and influencing.

Big applause to all the women out there who pursue their dreams and challenge all barriers. If you have what it takes to stand out among those Go-Getters, don’t think twice!

Go! Go! Go!

There are no boundaries or borders in the digital age, all you need to do is to pack and hit the road!

Authored by Yasmine Deraz For Fujn



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