How does backlink help you gain great traction?

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Despite having created great content, why doesn’t your website have traffic? We know this question has been a teasing point when it comes to ‘organic reach’ and visitors.

Writing excellent content is not the gist of your blog. It does help your readers stick to it. However, reaching it matters in the first place. Without SEO, your content may go unseen, unheard, and unread.

We have prepared a list of tactics through which you can get backlinks to your websites in the simplest way.

What is Backlink?

The backlink is one of the essential parts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is one of the best strategies to boost your traffic and gain great traction for your website. The backlink means the inbound or incoming links coming from other websites. In simple words, you get links from the greater websites to your newly built website to improve your website’s ranking, organic reach, and domain authority.

Don’t get confused with the internal links you insert to take your readers to another page of your website.

The backlink is a link coming to your website from an outside website with a high domain authority website. It is to be noted that the link can be an image, a text, or a button. The relatability of the backlink website must match your niche.

Why is building backlinks beneficial?

Creating great content with visuals and writing it with hard work isn’t everything and won’t pay you off. Without SEO formatting, your blog will be lost in the crowds of many. It’s like you have prepared your mindset to fight and even stand on the battlefield but without warfare, ammunition and tactics.

Backlink helps your content reach and be seen in search engines through Search Engine Optimization tactics.

Building backlinks

  • Improves organic traffic.
  • It helps gain significant traction.
  • It helps faster-ranking indexes on Search engines.
  • It fosters brand recognition.
  • It helps referral traffic.
  • Enhances domain authority.

5 tips for building backlinks for beginners

Being a newcomer in this field, understanding and building backlinks is pretty tricky.


We understand that.

We have jotted down some of the most simple tips for you to score the backlinks from high domain authority to small domain authority. You can do it by practicing these easy tips.

Staying patient is the key to success. It takes time to get your content and website ranked.

Technically every tactic falls in any of the brackets;

Add: You can add links to your website manually.

Ask: You can ask directly to the other websites owner’s to add a link

Buy: You can buy it for money

Earn: Get organic links through sharing of your great content

Commenting on others blogs

It is one of the easiest ways to build a backlink. However, it takes time, and your interaction is highly required.

Create your presence and brand recognition on all social media sites. Leave good comments on others’ blogs and content that will help you create your brand recognition, foster links and healthy relations with the owner of other websites. You may ask for exchange links later. But don’t give the impression that commenting is the sole purpose of shoehorning a link to your website only.

Guest Posts

There are many well-established and high-domain websites that allow guest posts. Guest post means to write for other websites that have high domain authority. Many website owners will allow you to add one link only. For that, add the link to your best blog rather than the homepage only.

Even Google Analytics blogs also accept guest contributors. There are many websites with millions of visitors, i.e. Mashable, HuffingtonPost, outbrain, Investopedia, and many others, but make sure to match relevancy and follow their guidelines. Don’t depend on one, keep pitching.

Haro (Help a Reporter Out)

HARO is an online service for journalists and bloggers to include in their content. It helps journalists to add relevant and informative public feedback. This way, you can get authoritative high domain links. You don’t need to answer every query because you may not get links on answering every query. You need to signup and check your email at least thrice a day.

Knowing your competitor move

When you step into the market, you are already in a pool of competition, deny or accept. You always have a competitor who is ahead of you or who is working at par with you. As soon as you analyze your competitor’s website, you can work on the links on which your competitor’s website has worked earlier. Create better content, analyze its drawbacks, and back it up with better link strategies.

You can follow them on social media, create a google alert, and you can also subscribe to their newsletter to spy on their strategies.

Skyscraper technique

As word suggested ‘Skyscraper’, the technique is all about creating the high backlink strategy. It’s a technique to get you high authoritative links and organic reach. In this strategy, you select high-rank keywords with already liked content (relevant to your niche). Analyze your competitor’s content and improve it. After improvisation, you outreach specifically to those who have already linked to the content you improvised.

Create better-performing content in keeping with the given aspects.

  • Freshness: add new statistics, data, and content.
  • Length of the content ( beat the competitor’s list by more)
  • Designs: It’s not about writing only. Visuals play a significant role.
  • Depth: touch the topic with problems and solutions in-depth.

Infographics and visuals

Infographics and visuals are the most easily readable pieces of content that tend to drive high traffic. It gives a quick look at everything. Create visuals on trending topics, create better images, add better and accurate data with credible sources, and the most crucial part is to make them easily shareable.

Ending Note

The above-given practices are some of the basic techniques that any new blogger or website can use.

While practicing any of the strategies, ensure that you do not violate Google’s Webmaster guidelines. Also, avoid paying for illegal link schemes. Work on generating authoritative links to your website that will also help you get conversions.

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