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Passion and Women’s Lives

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What is Passion?

Passion is that FIRE of energy that you may feel deep inside you when you really love something. It connects the wires of the brain and the heart so tightly that you never get tired of the thing you do. It’s a mysterious and resilient emotional connection with the activity, goal, cause, or whatever you want to do in life. When you have it, it becomes the fuel that excites you to plow through any challenges no matter their size.

Your Dose of Inspiration

We researched a few women passionate about their work to share with you their stories in order to inspire your own:

Fidji Simo- Instacart CEO

Fidji Simo is the new CEO of instacart. She was recently part of the ‘Most Powerful Women’ at Fortune’s Next Gen Summit. Her profile took a turn when she joined Facebook. The only people above her ranking were Mark Zuckerberg and Chris Cox. She reached Top Product Executive at Facebook very quickly.
Fidji came from a family of fishermen. She was the first who graduated from college in her family. Fidji Simo started her career with eBay as a part of the strategy team. She joined Facebook in 2011. She had a stellar career through her passion.

Turn your PASSION into a high-performing machine

Nothing great has ever been achieved without passion, devotion, and eagerness to do. Just by enabling your passion, you can change the world. You might think, how can one change the world? Am I a warrior? The world is what surrounds you. You are the world! Through your passion and devotion, indeed, you are going to change the world around you. They are few tips that might enable you to unlock the potential within yourself:


It is a time well invested to work hard and long to discover your passion. Because when you find it, it will keep you productive, happy, and alive. Doing activities in the area of your passion gives you this genuine feeling of joy and satisfaction.

I will use a word overused that really applies here: It will literally and materially CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Authored by Afsheen Khan for Fujn



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