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Time Management For Working Mommies: Curated Tips to Help you

Photo by Sai De Silva in Unsplash

Be Deeply and Consciously Aware of this:

“ Time is the most precious and scarcest asset that you own. Be deeply aware of this truth and internalize it. When you are, then your acts will follow your mind not to waste something this precious!” Timeless advice from Fujn

Our Founder is a big fan of Elon Musk and Musk says: “ Time is the ultimate currency”. Women need to absorb this statement and incarnate it in their lives

Discipline Is Golden

Divide The Responsibility Within the Family

Learn to say “No” when Warranted

Apply the SMART Rule

Use a planner

Embrace this Attitude

“Being perfect is a myth, leading your life the most practically possible and be proud of it is the real perfection.” Fujn Advice

Shun Away from Negative Energies




We provide resources to make women live fuller and better lives.

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