I am traveling in Africa for a few months, starting in Southern Africa from Mozambique to Zambia — all by land. I will then head over to central Africa starting in Cameroon & make my way to Senegal.

My house for the next three months!

Aside from my personal curiosity about seeing the continent, I made it part of my journey to pay attention to the conditions of intra Africa travels for Africans. Europeans and Americans have almost unfettered freedom of movement in Africa — that has been the case for centuries. Africans on the other hand have increasingly been restricted due economic, social and political reasons. The citizens of the what is today 54 countries had at one point unfettered freedom to move around the continent, limited only by Mother Nature and human conditions. Some went as far as their ambitions took then, others roamed around for commerce. A great many followed their cattle greener pastures and some moved for love and family.

What is it like for Africans moving around the continent today? What are the barriers — both official (borders, travel documents, visas) and unofficial (xenophobia; cultural norms; costs)? Wherever possible I will opt for land crossing into the countries I visit, which is how the overwhelming majority of Africans travel within the continent. My journey is not just anthropological. This continent is beautiful, rich with diverse traditions, and the people’s fears and dreams are not that different from folks around the world. I will take advantage of the beautiful sceneries, explore the music and art, and spend time with the people — whether is a soccer with kids, sharing meals, chatting up in public transport. Looking forward to sharing my experience!

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