Start-ups That Pack a Serious Social Impact Punch

Allen Proctor, president and CEO of the Center for Social Enterprise Development, cares about social enterprise.

Allen Proctor: “I care about social enterprise.”

Who I am

Allen Proctor founded the Center for Social Enterprise Development (CSED) and the Community Investment Network in Central Ohio (CINCO) in June 2014. Since that time, more than 100 local social enterprises and 300 individuals have been identified and supported through custom consultation, networking and learning opportunities.

Why I Care

Let’s face it — there’s more to life than just sitting in a cubicle, clocking in and out, and counting down the days to retirement. Increasingly, entrepreneurs are exploring innovative ways to solving problems that not only stimulate economies, but also yield serious returns in terms of positive social and environmental change.

This is why I care about social enterprise. It has all the bells and whistles of a start-up, while packing a serious social impact punch.

Daily, I witness social entrepreneurs experiencing pain points, unforeseen hurdles and resource constraints, all of which they struggle to overcome. In Columbus, the vast number of social enterprises (we’ve counted over 85 now) are cropping up everywhere. And there’s no end in sight. When I launched the Center for Social Enterprise Development in 2014, Columbus was, and continues to be, fertile ground — ripe with opportunity to balance business concepts that have socially minded purposes at their core.

In the past six months alone, CSED has responded to this growing movement by presenting two social enterprise development initiatives: SE Catalyst and SEA Change. Combined, there are 19 organizations participating in these initiatives. While many are for-profit de novo start-ups, many others are existing nonprofits looking to diversify and inject innovation into their revenue generation to create more sustainable, agile organizations that are ultimately better positioned to deliver on their missions.

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