Uncommonly Good Beer for the Social Good

Commonhouse Ales and Lenny Kolada care about beer for good.

Crafting Commonhouse Ales

The inspiration for Commonhouse Ales came to me as I was contemplating a new venture and the social disconnect of society. I started to wonder: what if for-profits worried about more than their bottom-line? I decided my next brewery would do more.

As the idea for Commonhouse Ales began to take shape, I approached Jason Moore, founder and principal of Fulcrum Creatives, to pick his brain on the process and experience of becoming a Certified B Corporation (B Corp). Together, we began crafting the Commonhouse brand to articulate a worldview centered around empathy. Commonhouse Ales is currently B Corp Pending status, but after a year of operation could be the first B Corp brewery in Ohio.

In August 2016, Commonhouse debuted their flagship brew, Six.One for Good. A portion of the sales from Six.One for Good Ale are contributed to a community fund, Commonhouse Shares. The fund provides grants to nonprofit organizations throughout Central Ohio. The first grant was awarded only two short weeks after their debut to Wild Goose Creative, a nonprofit community arts organization.

Why Commonhouse Ales Cares

by Lenny Kolada

“Nonprofits have an opportunity to control their own destiny through social enterprise, while for-profits can help the social sector through obtaining their B Corp status, among other means. Both are looking to make a difference — just remove all the labels, and these organizations are collectively trying to do what’s right for everyone.” —Crafting the Triple Bottom Line

For me, community is just another ingredient in my beer recipes; I believe good beer and social good walk hand-in-hand. The Commonhouse Shares grants will be awarded to local nonprofits to help them thrive — particularly those that struggle to secure funding and are not typically recognized for their impact. Ultimately, through Commonhouse Ales and Commonhouse Shares, I hope to strengthen Columbus’ community spirit.

Let’s drink to that.

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Let’s build a community of care, together.

…if you don’t care.

Fulcrum Creatives is a certified B Corporation (B Corp) brand and web studio in Columbus, Ohio, focused on creating, elevating and sustaining brands that care.