The Truth About Traditional Power

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In collaboration with Synova, the FullCycleEnergyFund addresses our world's need for clean energy solutions and tackles our ever growing waste problems. (photo courtesy of

In collaboration with Synova, the FullCycleEnergyFund addresses our world’s need for clean energy solutions and tackles our ever growing waste problems. (photo courtesy of[/caption]

The Truth About Traditional Power

Traditional coal-fueled power plants offer cheap energy at the expense of the environment. They pollute both the atmosphere and our waterways while consuming vast amounts of fresh water and land resources and emiting billions of tons of CO2 into the air every year. They also produce coal ash which contains arsenic, mercury, lead and over a dozen other heavy metals which are known to cause cancer and neurological problems. Ibrahim Alhusseini, founder and general partner of FullCycle Energy Fund, notes, “coal ash is the second biggest source of industrial waste in the US, with over 140 million tons produced every year.”

Not only does coal ash pollute our waterways, but the contaminated water used in traditional power plants is also cycled back into bodies of water. Also, the water used to create steam for generators is often illegally reintroduced into the environment, where the heavy metal contamination harms aquatic life and pollutes drinking water. The heavy pollution produced by traditional power plants must be mitigated and reduced in order to protect the Earth for future generations.

Ibrahim Alhusseini also notes that, “the environmental damage caused by traditional power plants extends beyond the pollution created in the extraction of fossil fuels used to power them.” This awareness of the far-reaching negative impacts of the traditional energy industry is essential in replacing dirty coal-fueled power plants with a clean energy sources like Synova’s Waste-to-Energy model.

FullCycle Energy Fund in partnership with Synova has the cleanest and most efficient Waste-to-Energy power plant system, without the need for incineration, that will be the first to broadly power communities around the world. AlHusseini emphasizes the long terms benefits of clean energy and comments that coal, in actuality, “is far more expensive than it seems” because it exacts an enormous cost on the environment and public health.

FullCycle is not only cost effective, but also produces clean energy, tackles the massive and growing problem of waste accumulation, and is working to eliminate the need for traditional power sources. FullCycle is embracing the new age of sustainable power generation and making a clean energy world a reality.

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