52-Week Photography Challenge: June 2024

From favorite beaches to unassuming parts of the every day, here’s my take on Full Frame’s Photo Challenge for June


Photo and Header by Carol Labuzzetta, 2024. Made in Canva Pro.


When I saw this prompt, a lot of different photographic options went through my mind. Crushed stone, crushed nuts, and crushed spices, but I didn’t have many, or really any, great photos of those things.

What I do have is a photo of a nut cracker used to crush one nut at a time. I found it at my Dad’s when we were cleaning out his basement last spring. I liked it so I brought it home.

Brass Nut Cracker to “Crush” those nuts! © Carol Labuzzetta, 2024.

I think the nut cracer is a squirrel. Is that what you think? The tail moves up and down to put leverage on the nut held between the feet and the “paws” or the crusher.

It’s interesting and well made, although could use a polish. Google Lens tells me it is from the 1960s and worth about $25.00.

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