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Mural, Murals On Street Walls

Photographic gems from an open-air art festival.

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4 min readJun 18, 2024


Mural Fest is a two-week annual event in Montréal where street artists gather to showcase their creativity. I had every intention of going the weekend the Grand Prix was in town, but the weather was fickle and the traffic was bonkers.

This past weekend, I invited a girlfriend to join me. The traffic and parking were still cuss-inducing, but once we were in the thick of the festival, all was forgiven. It was a feast for the eyes in all directions.

Although I didn’t set out to knock off this challenge, I realized I had photos for each task as I reviewed my snapshots once home.

Here goes!

#23 Crushed


- to squeeze together into a mass

- to perform extremely well in a particular situation. The Cambridge Dictionary

No. It’s not two photographs blended; it’s one mural — and a very busy one! There’s so much going on in this dimensional art piece that I’m safe to say its creators crushed it both with their artistry and the use of crushed…



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