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A bit of context

It has been some time since I wrote an article to present to the world an open-source organization called Full Human. This organization had a lot of hope for the open-source community.

I have been away for nearly a year, and even though I made sure to stay alerted and contribute to what was important in our projects, the innovations and projects slowed down.

It is essential to understand that behind every open-source project, you will find at least one developer. I always consider open-source to be like giving time to a caritative organization. You are not doing it for the money. You want to give to a cause you feel is essential to you.

Mine was simple. I learn a lot from open-source. When I was a student, I didn’t learn about Vuejs, React, Continuous Integration, and Deployment and Testing. But I got familiarized with it thanks to GitHub and all of the projects that I could learn from. I learned a lot from open-source. I had the desire to stop being a simple spectator and start being an actor.

Like a lot of people that contribute to open-source, my first pull request was a big event. I was stressed at the idea of contributing to an open project. As a shy, introverted individual, it feels scary to open yourself in such away. I started tiny with fixing a link in a Readme file. It got approved!

What is happening now?

Nothing changes really, but as I grew up and mature, this organization has as well. PurgeCSS has become the most used tool to remove unused CSS and count now more downloads per week than UnCSS. We are talking about 140k downloads per week on npm. The number of issues and questions is growing, but the hours that I can contribute to it is not changing.

One of the changes is to find a way for the open-source project to sustain itself. It might be a minor change, but the new website for the documentation of PurgeCSS will have advertisements. The advertisements are minimal and not intrusive; it will not be an issue for the readers. And it will allow the project to have at least enough resources to renew the domain name.

The new website

The new website presents the organization as a company because that what it is now. Full Human is officially registered as a company. World-class outcomes for brands, companies, and people through shipping code for web applications, front-end & back-end. It is the mission.

From being the home of my open-source projects, Full Human is now the home of all projects, including commercial ones. I’m looking forward to working with brands and companies to deliver products that could bring a positive change to the world.

The website is built using Nuxt.js, Typescript, TailwindCSS with PurgeCSS. Feel free to take a look at

About the author
I’m Floriel, a software engineer at Full Human. I grew up reading stories about heroes. Those fictional characters have been my role models. I aspire to work hard to reach their level and become a better human being every day. You can follow me on GitHub and Twitter.



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