Introducing Fulldive Mobile

Three years ago, Ed and I had a dream to make VR accessible and affordable to everyone. VR was very new at the time, with the hype focused almost exclusively on Oculus. Our idea was to create a smartphone app that could deliver the newest and best VR content with a simple Cardboard VR Viewer. With Alex, our then housemate, as the first engineer and CTO, we built our dream app — Fulldive VR — and launched on January 2015. Since then, we are happy to say that Fulldive VR has been used by over 5 million people.

Our current Fulldive VR

But our dream doesn’t stop there. When we say everyone, we really mean it. VR is still somewhat inaccessible because not everyone has a Google Cardboard or other VR viewer. There needs to be a tool that brings the VR experience to even those without a headset. Although the experience won’t be as immersive, people can still experience VR’s magic firsthand. This is why we are launching Fulldive Mobile, Fulldive’s newest extension. We hope that this will help more people discover VR.

Fulldive Mobile means you can use Fulldive without a headset

With this launch, we also updated our mascot to better reflect our product, company, and values. We explored many options and decided on a sea otter, one of Ed’s favorite animals.

Credits to our CDO Grant, who made this mascot.

We found the sea otter a good fit for us since it resonates with our values:

1. Otters seek, collect, and organize — We love to explore, test, break, and experiment to make great products.

2. Otters like building tools — We create great tools to support mobile VR technology.

3. Otters are easygoing and social creatures — We treat everyone in our team like family, which we believe is essential to creating a great product.

4. Otters are focused hunters — We are dedicated to achieving our goal of making VR accessible to everyone.

With Fulldive Mobile and our new mascot, we believe this is the beginning of something BIG.

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