Building Community through Stories

The Red Jacket Society website serves as a platform to engage a community of $10,000+ donors to City Year. Each year, it spotlights specific donors and the impact of their support through media-rich, immersive articles.

The Challenge
For many non-profits, describing exactly what each dollar of your donation will do can be as difficult to articulate as it is valuable to the donor experience. We needed a way to provide these top donors with an engaging, informative, and modern experience.

The Solution and Approach
Once we decided on spotlighting different donors and the communities they serve, we put our heads together to ensure that it would be an immersive and modern experience:

  • Pictures and words: we sent both a writer and a photographer out to interview the donor and their community, and take high quality, directed photos for each article.
  • Multimedia: Stories utilized photos, video clips, and audio clips
  • Platform: After assessing a number of platforms, we ultimately landed on Squarespace due to its modern templates and simple UI, allowing us to focus less time on layouts and more time on crafting narratives.

My Role: Product Strategy, Visual Design
I was responsible for researching platforms, determining the navigation and templates, and laying out the copy and media for each article.

See it live:

see it live: