Corporate Travel Transformation

Company [C] has thousands of consultants that travel the globe daily. Through user research, stakeholder interviews, and prototyping, we cast a vision for a new travel experience.


Despite the amount of travel Company [C] engages in, there is no central hub for consultants to manage their travel needs. Stakeholders care most about making sure travelers comply with immigration and approval requirements. Travelers want clarity on what to do, in addition to more targeted help on-site (cell phone usage in foreign countries, taxis, local information, etc.).


We conducted several rounds of traveler interviews to understand their pain points, and met with stakeholders to understand their needs. We concluded that a central travel hub would benefit from these three features:

Project integration: encode travel approvals and information for each traveler in the project code, so that the project code can act as a key that unlocks a personalized step-by-step guide.

Destination Guide: Leverage the experiences of the hundreds of thousands of trips made annually to create a comprehensive, company-specific travel guide. Each destination offers guidance on immigration requirements, travel tips on where to stay and how to manage your cell service, and office contacts.

Process Clarity: In the same way that the Disney World site is funneling people to buy tickets, or Coca Cola is orienting people toward buying a coke, the travel process must permeate the whole experience as an underlying narrative thread. This means defining a clear travel process and funneling people to that starting point at every turn.

Clear CTA’s and entry points on the landing page

A destination guide for each city

The project code becomes the key that unlocks your travel

My role: program strategy, lead researcher, and visual designer