The Power of Words

[Writers] are the fastest designers in the world. They’re amazing at boiling down incredibly abstract concepts into tiny packets of cognition, or language. — Matt Jones, Google Creative Lab

What do you call a wireframe without visual form, universally applicable to any scenario, with power to move hearts and inspire action? Is it not simply our words? When put together to frame an idea, they can cut through ambiguity and shine on every business requirement the bright light of purpose. Every design should begin by writing. And every product should have a manifesto that captures what problem it is solving and how it intends to do it. Here are a few excerpts from product manifestos I have written (client names hidden).

Start Your Day Mobile Application

People at our company have various administrative tasks and valuable content, often in great number and from various sources. Those who travel often are not always at a desk and need a mobile solution to verify and complete them on the go. “Start Your Day” is a lightweight mobile application that provides a quick readout of a users’s required administrative tasks and content of interest to them, preparing them to begin their day with clarity and uncluttered focus on the day’s activities.

Career Management Dashboard

For employees to own their growth, they need to be able to know where they are. MyCareer displays personalized data relevant to your professional growth in one place. Relevant data and personalized guidance is provided in four general areas:

  1. Brand — Basic actionable information about yourself, the strength of your network
  2. Performance — Reminders and health of your annual performance metrics like feedback and priorities
  3. Roles — Information about your role and future ones to consider
  4. Skills — Learning opportunities, and suggested areas of growth to consider

Cornerstone Design System

The Cornerstone Design System (CDS) seeks to establish a baseline standard for user-friendly internal applications at our company. We believe that this foundation will elevate the quality of UX, creating a more trustworthy, employee-focused organization.

Guiding Principles:

  1. One Brand: CDS seeks to unify the internal product landscape around the guidelines and principles of the corporate brand.
  2. Focus on the Basics: Our focus is first on establishing sound fundamentals of interactive design.
  3. Be Helpful and Enable Others: CDS does not exist to force arbitrary compliance requirements. It is designed to be helpful. Our desire is to enable business teams to incorporate user-centric thinking and design into their process.