Introducing FullStory Free

Starting today, there’s a new way to use FullStory: for free.

In fact, we’ve created a whole new subscription level called FullStory Free, and if you’ve ever wanted to use FullStory but balked at the price… we’re doing this for you.

FullStory Free, although somewhat limited compared to the full version of FullStory — which now lives under the moniker of FullStory Pro — still has plenty to love. Free customers get FullStory’s industry-leading playback to help you bionically resolve support tickets and stoke your empathy, OmniSearch to find any user or event in seconds, and Searchies for analytic insight with zero effort.

That’s the big announcement! You now have a decision to make. If you keep reading, this post will go on to explain why we created FullStory Free. But if you’re just here for the free stuff and don’t much care to hear about our mission, feel free to stop reading and sign up for your full-featured trial, after which you can subscribe to Pro or switch to Free.

Why give it away?

You’re still here? High-five for wearing more than the minimum 15 pieces of flair.

The reason we’re introducing FullStory Free is that we are, for good or ill, idealists. Widespread adoption of FullStory isn’t just a business thing for us; it’s important to our mission as human people.

We believe that everyone benefits from a more perfect online experience.

If you’re using FullStory, chances are good that you’re examining the question of how your business can provide a better online customer experience. That’s wonderful. But in addition to being a product-builder, you’re also a consumer of other people’s software. A civilian, as it were. That goes for your colleagues, friends, and family as well. We’re all unprivileged users of somebody else’s software. This is fabric-of-modern-society stuff we’re talking about here.

So, yes, we want as many businesses as possible to have the tools to make software that is intuitive and empowering to people. We’re eager to do our part to help evangelize customer experience culture because it’s good for everybody: we want to make our users happy and help you make your users happy. And this will, in turn, make everyone happy… because we are all each other’s users.

That’s why, even if you think you’ll never have the time or the budget to invest in FullStory Pro, we’re making FullStory Free an option starting today.

Every day, thousands of people use FullStory for answers, not just analytics. Try FullStory free and get to know an app that captures all your customer experience data in one powerful, easy-to-use platform.

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