Introducing the FullStory Game Film Kit

So, you might remember Bruce’s blog post last month on what we’ve come to affectionately call “Game Film”. And, of course, that exercise has become a regular thing for us to enjoy and learn lots from. But we’ve also heard from many of you who’ve come to use FullStory in the exact same way — letting high-fidelity session playback guide you to real-life customer experience insights.

And so, we made it a thing. Introducing the Game Film Kit by FullStory for you.


Included with every Game Film Kit is a handy stack of scorecards, stickers, a FullStory t-shirt, whistle, and of course, popcorn to share.

And while we’re not quite ready to begin mailing kits internationally [1. Until we begin sending Game Film kits internationally, you can download and print this PDF of the scorecards to use with your team!], if you’re in the U.S. you can go ahead and request your Game Film Kit today!

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