Interview With Top Fun Run Players: iWinOnYouHoes

iWinOnYouHoes was the first player to win the Weekly List in Fun Run when it was introduced in Fall 2013

The second superplayer we’ve interviewed for this blog series is iWinOnYouHoes. He’s from the US and has been playing Fun Run since August 2013. He was the first player to win the Golden Fox when we introduced the Weekly List, and he’s currently placed 24th on the Global Top 50 with a rating of 460 000.

How and when did you first learn about Fun Run?

Honestly, I first learned about Fun Run from an old man. He was around 50 years old if I had to guess! I was on a bus heading to Atlanta, GA and he was sitting beside me. Don’t know who he was, but he was playing Fun Run. He asked me if I have ever heard of the game before, I said no sir I haven’t. I watched him play a few games and thought to myself, this games looks pretty fun! I downloaded a few minutes later and started to play some games with him. I have loved it ever since then.

How many times per week and for how long do you play?

I used to sit down and play for hours each day but now it depends. Usually between classes I’ll sneak in some games then at night before bed I’ll play until I get sleepy. Mostly in bed but sometimes I’ll go over to a friend’s apartment and we will play each other.

Why do you keep playing Fun Run?

Because I’m a very competitive person and Fun Run is such a competitive game!

What’s your favorite avatar, and what are your favorite accessories in Fun Run?

The turtle with the space helmet and green shoes!

What’s your favorite map and why?

Favorite maps would be Cloud Mountain, Sand Castle, Sand Storm, Green Hills, Forest Jump, Autumn Trails, Leaf Storm, and Sunset Valley. These are my favorite ones because I think they require more skill than luck. I also love how these maps are designed.

Do you often get contacted by other Fun Run players, and what do they say?

I get messages often on Facebook from other players asking if I will be their friend on Fun Run. A few others will message me every now and then just to chat.

What other player do you see as the biggest challenge in Fun Run?

There are a lot of great players out there, but Millwall has been my toughest opponent. Guy is a legend.

What do you think is missing from Fun Run?

To be honest, I don’t think much is missing at all! I love how the game is simple to use. The only two things I wouldn’t mind seeing if the ability to wear a hat of some sort on the Golden Fox. The other is I wouldn’t mind seeing some sort of tournament each week. Other than that, I can’t think of anything else missing.

Do you have any funny stories related to Fun Run that you’d like to share?

There is always a funny story when I play with my friends!

One time I was playing with 3 other guys from the team, we all made a bet that the loser of the match who came in 4th would have to jump in the pond without any clothes on. It was during the winter, so the temperature was in the 40s (4 °C). We all agreed and made a promise if we lost we would do it. Well, I was struggling the entire race. I started to break a sweat because there was no way I could lose to these guys and have to jump in the freezing water! I couldn’t get out of 4th place it seemed like. The guy in first was running his mouth and kept trash talking because he was cruising along without any problems.

I finally caught up thanks to a couple speed boost and lighting towards the end of the race. We were all tight going into the last power-up on Sunset Valley! I get lighting so I used it soon as I get it because I was so nervous! The two guys in front of me got blue shield, the guy in first who was trash talking the entire race got a blade. He threw his blade and I used my lighting. So I passed him but at the end of Sunset there is a wall and if you throw a blade it’ll come back and kill you and the people behind you if you don’t jump. Luckily I saw him throw the blade so I knew I had to jump, jumped right over the blade and came in 3rd! Normally I would be upset if I came in 3rd but this is the one time I didn’t mind. The guy who was trash talking the entire race had to jump in the freezing water. I have a lot of funny stories but this is by far my favorite one yet to come!

iWinOnYouHoes’s tips

There are some very frustrating moments during Fun Run, as in getting your head chopped off right before the finish line or when you are at the end of the map climbing up a cliff and you get magnetized all the way back into 4th place, but don’t let that stop you from playing. I use to have a low winning percent for the first few months I played, but someone who was better than me gave me a few tips.

Learning how to use your power-ups is key! Memorizing the maps is also a big part of having success in Fun Run. Practice the maps against the bots, learning how to use the power-ups and memorizing the maps is my top tips!