End of the year with FundedByMe

What a slam dunk 2018 has been for FundedByMe!

We started the year by closing our own very successful crowdfunding campaign, welcoming over 700 new shareholders to FundedByMe AB. Successfully launching that campaign is mainly the reason why we are where we are today as it allowed us to take the necessary steps to move forward.

Maybe the biggest achievement of this year, made possible because of the crowdfunding round held in 2016, is growing FundedByMe. We’ve managed to grew our team with 7 new fantastic employees within everything from marketing, sales, product and finance. It is because of them FundedByMe is what it is today!

In August we completed the acquisition of Laika Consulting, a Financial Communication agency and Investment Relations company that helps companies with strategic marketing, consulting and execution. Starting this new chapter together we hope to continue the collaboration that was established in 2012 to further both our businesses. With Laika and FemInvest, the female investment network founded by Laika, our investment network has grown to over 250,000 global investor members, which will be a huge factor for the achievements to come. FemInvest will be run by Michaela Berglund, and the ambition is to build a true PowerHouse for female investors and female entrepreneurs.

What 2018 also brought was new global opportunities. This year we expanded our global ventures by signing with three new countries; Poland, The Netherlands and Dubai, making our global joint ventures 7 in total. We look forward to kick of these new partnerships and be fully operational in all 7 countries by 2019.

Our first Swedish equity crowdfunding unicorn was established this year. UNITI, an innovative Swedish electrical vehicle, who had their first crowdfunding round with FundedByMe in 2016 recently shared their latest valuation of SEK 1,000,000,000 (€107,000,000), with pre-orders of €75,000,000 when they launched their third crowdfunding campaign with our industry colleague Crowdcube. Even if it still is theoretical, the company shows a 10x growth in valuation, thus making the 500+ who invested through FundedByMe very happy.

And talking about success stories, we’ve closed more successful campaigns this year than ever before. 47 cases were closed successfully this year, where the smallest single investment made was €10 and the largest single investment was €150,000. Our top five categories for companies was consumer products (27%), technology (25%), food and beverage (23%), media and entertainment (13%) and services (13%). Further demonstrating how far we’ve come to see so many different types of companies choosing crowdfunding to procure capital. It is because of them, the entrepreneurs, that we have been able to legitimize our work and our achievements to the extent that a law regarding grassroots financing has been submitted and passed by the Swedish government, allowing crowdfunding platforms like FundedByMe to operate as a great complement to existing ways of procuring capital.

Lastly we would like to say thank you to all of you for continuing to support and cheer us on in all of our endeavours. We’ve come so far from where we started nine years ago and it is mainly because of you. Even though 2018 isn’t quite over yet we’ve already turned our heads towards 2019 and the challenges and excitements we have ahead, starting with our upcoming listing. We look forward to taking this step and we hope that you will continue to be by our side and sign up at www.ilovefundedbyme.com to join our climb upwards.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

/ The FundedByMe Team