Crowdfunding rewards ideas for business

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3 min readOct 7, 2021

Crowdfunding is a great tool for raising money for projects by encouraging a community of contributors to participate. One of the most powerful tools a crowdfunding project creator has is the rewards program.

Reward crowdfunding is an easy way to solve this problem. It’s a great way to both get people to support your campaign and thank those who have already done so. But what exactly is reward crowdfunding?

What is reward-based crowdfunding?

Reward crowdfunding sometimes referred to as seed crowdfunding, is a popular form of fundraising where entrepreneurs starting a project solicit financial donations from people for a reward, usually in the form of a product, special service, etc.

Crowdfunding reward ideas are a great way to encourage people to donate to your crowdfunding campaign. Oftentimes, rewards are unlocked as soon as the donation goals have been reached or exceeded and go hand in hand with the amount of the donation made by the individual donor, as small donations can include a simple thank you card, while larger donations can be rewarded with a product. For example, samples of branded T-shirts.

Crowdfunding rewards ideas for business

There are many crowdfunding rewards ideas out there, but to make your own crowdfunding campaign stand out from the crowd, here are some great crowdfunding rewards ideas to thank your funders in a really unique way.

Give them updates

Keeping your followers up to date with the latest news about your project can really make them feel part of something special, rather than just making financial contributions, in the hopes that a project they are passionate about will succeed.

Give them shoutout

Another special way to reward your contributors is by giving them verbatim shouts on social media or at your project launch party. You can even follow them on various social media platforms, which shows them their continued loyalty and support.

Throw them a surprise party

Invite some of your premium supporters to your office and host a surprise pizza or ice cream party. It’s a simple but fun thing to thank them in a really memorable way.

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