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What is Republic?

Republic is an investment crowdfunding that leverages the Reg CF and Reg A campaigns to attract startups, video games, and real estate investments to anyone, in some cases for as little as $ 10. Large selection, including several companies with black founders. In other to be successful in business, a business founder must think about ways to scale their business.

What is republic?

Most people want to know what is republic? How does it work? Is it a reliable investment?

Republic is a private investment platform that connects investors with fundraising opportunities and investments in startups, video games, real estate, and crypto projects.

In addition to looking after non-accredited and accredited investors, Republic looks after entrepreneurs, venture capital firms, family offices, and other wealthy clients.

The republic is free for investors. For offers from retailers for republic fees, issuers have to pay a certain percentage of fees, but this only applies if they successfully achieve their crowdfunding goal.

Republic fees for start-ups

Republic Fees: 2% in the form of an offered security of the same type and 6% of the total borrowing in cash. Fees and charges on the platform may vary depending on the type of offer.

How to invest with Republic?

Republic offers the following investment options:

➣ Startup: You can invest in startups from a wide variety of industries. While Republic has a company-wide minimum of $ 10, most startups have their own minimum requirements as well. The minimum amounts can be as low as $ 100 or up to $ 10,000. If you prefer mobile access, you can also invest with just one click with the Republic iOS mobile app.

➣ Immobile: Republic offers a wide range of real estate opportunities for investors and also offers fundraising options for real estate owners, developers, and fund managers. As for investors, he says the deadlines for most of his real estate listings can be as little as a year or up to 10 years.

➣ Video games: Republic has also partnered with Fig, a video game investing platform, to make video game investing more accessible. You can invest by contributing to a video game…



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