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Crowdfunding at StartEngine | Is StartEngine Legit?

You’ve probably heard of crowdfunding before now, well if you haven’t then keep going. As the name implies a crowd and funding. Crowdfunding is the raising of funds by the little contributions from a large group of people.

In this funding system, investors from all over the world, are connected through a platform that allows them to meet up with those startups in need of these funds. The investors, buy shares from the startup companies, which they can collect profit when the company starts yielding profits.

These help you get connected to professionals from various industries. These professionals not only help provide funding for the various startups or projects but can also help foster long-lasting relationships that help grow your company.

Now you have an idea of what crowdfunding is, in the course of this article, we would be discussing its advantages and disadvantages. You would want to have an idea of a crowdfunding platform. So let’s see what StartEngine is all about, what they have to offer, and most importantly if they are legit!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Crowdfunding

StartEngine Funding
StartEngine Crowdfunding

If you’re in the market for crowdfunding platforms for your company, then you shouldn’t go in entirely clueless. Here are a couple of advantages and disadvantages that are involved and you would want to know about.


  • Provides access to a large amount of audience and various industry experts
  • Enables relationships that foster business growth.
  • It guarantees ownership to your company as the shares are distributed in little ratios


  • Your company ideas may be exposed to the dangers of being stolen.
  • The reputation of your company might be at stake in the future.
  • The future of your company might be placed in the hands of those that are clueless about your industry. It may lead to poor decision making.

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