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4 min readNov 18, 2021

StartEngine Fundraise
StartEngine Crowdfunding

StartEngine Crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding is becoming a way too familiar term in the startup industry. Ideas are being born every day, and hence the need for funding. On the other hand, investors who understand the need for vast income streams keep the industry moving by providing the funding needed by startup companies.

It can also apply to individuals who believe in a cause that they would like to see grow. Or simply contributing to funding your favorite pizza place for the love of food.

Since the goal has always been to make things easier for everyone, equity crowdfunding platforms have served the exact purpose.

They have continued to create a conducive environment for both founders and investors alike. This way, investors know their money is being channeled to the right source. The startups also know they are working with people who have their best interests at heart.

StartEngine Investing
StartEngine Stock

Crowdfunding Platforms

Having the interest of your company at heart, you would want the best and only the best. Agreed, you’re the party in need here. You need these platforms even more than they need you. That doesn’t in any way mean you should settle for less though. You would, of course, have the bigger picture in mind. A future there is a promising future for both you and your company.

Investors alike need the assurance of a credible crowdfunding platform. Because they have more to lose if the venture doesn’t go right. You need to be sure the platform is exactly what you need. Factors like their exposure rate, their success rate so far, and how trusted they are should be important in making the decision.

You would also want to know what their fees are as a founder. The extra services you might receive include consultancy, pitch prepping, developing business ideas, etc. All of these are of utmost importance hence the need to think smart.

Edward Culligan
Funding Startups

CEO, Founder of ScoutMine. Rapid and Sustainable user growth is startup funding and investing is my passion. #investing #funding #crowdfunding #equity

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