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4 min readNov 18, 2021

WeFunder Review

It’s no news that WeFunder is now one of the most leading platforms in the equity crowdfunding industry. It has ever since 2016 been providing a way for non-accredited investors to fund businesses they care about. And has been providing easy funding for startups in need of capital. However, like every other platform in various industries, there are many factors to this system. There are pros as well as there are cons.

There are various ways it affects investors, startups, and the financial industry at large. There are also factors influencing the use of this platform, such as the ease of navigation, and the fees. Available offers to both founders and investors alike also need to be considered. And ultimately, how the platform compares with other platforms is also an essential factor.

The needs of your company as a founder or the time frame you’re willing to put into investments as an investor needs to be considered. So, you need to be sure if WeFunder is for you. Having this in mind, a review of WeFunder will answer all these questions so let’s do just that.

WeFunder Review

Investments and Referrals

Like every other well-meaning and evolved equity crowdfunding platform, the WeFunder platform also allows for investments as low as $100 for purchasing shares in any startup company of their choice.

That’s not all; they also have an enticing referral system, whereby investors get to invite new companies to the platform. When the referred company launches a campaign, there’s a cash prize for the investor whether they invest in the company or not.

Pro’s and Con’s

We said it was water resistance, not bulletproof! So let’s go through a couple of pros because we can’t deny facts, and of course, the cons because we’re not about to lie to you.


WeFunder is not only interested in non-accredited investors. It is also significantly invested in the provision of profitable offers to growing startups.

● The diversified choices of the industry in which it operates have brought about a system where everyone can benefit from.

● Setting up an account and getting started is made easy with their on-site navigation system. They go further to…

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