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Meet the 24 startups disrupting the smart mobility in Europe, selected by IMPACT Connected Car

The acceleration programme coordinated by FundingBox offers up to €60K equity-free funding, plus mentoring and coaching services to the 24 innovators

24 selected startups with project partners during ICCar jury day in Lublin, Poland

IMPACT Connected Car (ICCar), the acceleration programme funded by the European Commission and led by FundingBox that aims to respond to the industrial needs in the automotive industry, has announced the 24 startups selected from the second open call.

The second open call, launched last June and closed in October 2018, drew applications from over 214 startups and SMEs coming from 39 countries. 24 projects were selected from this announcement to go through a “smartization” programme covering business acceleration and training on additional aspects like technical, funding and corporate support. The programme’s first stage kicked off with the Disruptive Bootcamp, held in Lublin, Poland.

The bootcamp included one-to-one meeting sessions and concluded with a jury day during which the 37 participating startups (pre-selected during the open call phase) pitched in front of a panel of experts, including the coordinator of the programme (FundingBox), business coaching leaders (ISDI), technical coaching providers (CTAG, MOVEO), the clusters AUTOKLASTR and LPNT, the Polish Public Authority (PARP), and big corporations (PSA Group, Ferrovial Servicios, FIA Region I, FIWARE Foundation).

Out of the 37 startups that pitched, 24 were selected to continue to the next phase of the programme. These 24 projects come from 11 countries across all Europe and other nations associated with the H2020 programme, with a relevant representation of Spain (6), France (6), Israel (3) and Germany (2).

Concerning the sectors covered by participant SMEs and startups in the jury day, it is worth mentioning that there was a relevant participation of solutions in Mobility Management, Infotainment, Well-being and Vehicle Management.

The 24 mobility innovators

The list of selected 24 companies that you can meet in ICCar Community includes the following:

  • Zify SAS (France): Carpool service that has become an alternative to pre-existing mobility networks.
  • Capricode (Finland): Cyber security of connected vehicles in form of automated updates and configurations.
  • X-Motion (France): App that leverages artificial intelligence and smart phone sensors to provide predictive analytics for driving behaviour and vehicle management.
  • ROBOTest / AINOMALY (Sweden): RoboTest enables software developers to deliver high quality code quickly.
  • Go To-U (Ukraine): App for drivers to book the charging EV station at the most convenient time.
  • Discoperi (Spain): Discoperi develops System Eye, able to prevent roads accidents and monetize automotive data, thanks to its built Discoperi Blockchain Protocol.
  • Make My Day (Israel): Car software system that uses a unique algorithm and big data to provide the optimal route.
  • Secmotic Innovation (Spain): Awareness and safety system for work zone invasion, which increases safety and controls accessibility in temporary working areas of roads.
  • Safemode (Israel): SafeMode profiles driver behaviour using Big Data & AI algorithms based on Behavioural economics techniques.
  • BeNomad (France): Navigation software tailored to helping companies manage their mobile resources as effectively as possible.
  • 2hire (Italy): 2hire’s technology acts as a gateway enabling the interaction and both standard parameters and non-standard parameters reading.
  • Better World (France): Collect feedback inside the car makers organizations and on the web, analyze these feedback and send the analysis to the car makers organizations.
  • PARQUERY (Switzerland): Parquery analyses images from any camera to detect objects and provide parking managers with real-time answers.
  • Ozone Drive (Spain): Tech-based EV car-sharing solutions to address the zero-emissions mobility challenges as an optimized way of transport.
  • Savecode / Eiver (France): Based on Al algorithm and big data analytics, designed to improve the user’s driving performance and inspired by popular health and wellness quantified self applications.
  • Anadue (Ireland): Analytics platform to help Connected Car Service Providers to maximise the value of their realtime data.
  • Newport IMS / Phebe (France): Phebe is a vocal companion providing in-car mobility services and products.
  • Mico Green (Spain): App to save from 10% to 50% on all taxi rides. An efficient marketplace where ride prices are calculated according to supply and demand.
  • Booksonmap (Israel): A geo-culture content layer created by an algorithm.The geo-culture content combined of texts, music, TV and AR.
  • Letos (UK / Germany): Letos allows for real-time monitoring of a person heart and respiration rate, all without coming in direct contact with the person under test.
  • Seferlabs Bilişim / Drive Buddy (Turkey): Drive Buddy is a mobile solution that analyzes driver’s driving habits and detects car accidents by just using sensors on the smartphones.
  • Smart Automotive Solutions / Drivvisor (Spain): App-based driving monitoring system that uses the front camera of a smartphone to perform driver distraction and fatigue detection while driving.
  • EAST CODERS / Journify (Spain): Carpooling app for daily commutes, such as going to work or to the university.
  • 25ways (Germany): Provider-independent mobility platform that encourages behaviour change towards sustainable mobility options.

All 24 startups will participate in the two-month stage two of the programme, during which they will be custom-matched with top mentors for acceleration and technical coaching. At the conclusion of this stage, 18 companies out the 24 will be selected for the Ignition Plan, the third and last stage of the IMPACT Connected Car programme. This stage will last four months and will add funding coaching and corporate coaching in additional to business and technical mentoring.

Six-month acceleration programme to disrupt the industry

All the selected startups will receive up to €60,000 in equity-free funding and will begin a six-month smartization programme, which covers not only business acceleration led by ISDI, but also technical coaching led by CTAG, corporate coaching led by Ferrovial, and funding coaching led by FundingBox.

The entrepreneurs will also have access to an international network of more than a hundred recognized mentors as well as founders and investors who are experts in different key areas of knowledge, both in the digital sector and in the automotive industry.

The selected companies will be showcased at top international events organized over the course of the year by 4YFN and Mobile World Capital Barcelona.

Learn more about IMPACT Connected Car and its startups in ICCar Community. Join it now!

This project received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 731343.

Adapted Press Release from IMPACT Connected Car Team




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#FundingGrowth. We are growth catalysts. FundingBox is the guide for any entrepreneur in the quest for growth.

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