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Our world is not revolving around its AXIS anymore it is replaced by Smartphones. Each and everyone now on average spends about 6Hrs on their Smartphone irrespective of the Tasks they perform on it. Thus by an increase in no. of Smartphone users in India, the people also shift themselves to purchase the relevant accessories for their Smartphone as well.

Today we will look through some of them that not only support you while connecting with your smartphone but also makes your life more meaningful and enjoyable.

FundingX has compiled a list of innovative products.

1.Hohem iSteady X — 3-Axis 259g Lightweight Smartphone Gimbal

Pocket Gimble

Struggling to get a perfect shot on a smartphone, Well HOHEM has you covered by their best-in-class Smartphone Gimbal, which could provide you not only the power of stability and cinematography on hand but also a perfect shot you wanted. A lightweight gadget for about 290g and based on a foldable platform, the way of providing the users convince and easy to use the product for the daily chorus. Having a budget-friendly gimbal and a smartphone, imagine the possibilities that can be done in creating Instagram reels, short films, and so on because the imagination is endless and can be achieved by anyone who manifests it. You walk you run you fly you do everything in reverse it will show the capabilities you can achieve with such a small product the cherry on the cake is it comes with MOMENT MODE to capture every incredible, funny, whatever moment you are living in amazing Form by providing 7 templates to choose from and automatically providing the required angle and the shot.

Buy Link: Amazon India HOHEM

2.Canon IVY Mobile Mini Photo Printer

Canon Pocket Printer

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Well, The H0hems Gimbal got you covered for the shot you needed, now what Posting it on the social media platform just it, or you want your favorite shots in your room or in your Bucket list Diary for an instance without rushing or finding any printer on the site itself. Thus for that demand, CANON brought a Pocket Friendly (2"x3") Printer that you can carry anywhere and get your photos printed on the go with the help of Bluetooth technology after editing the photos, adding frames, etc needed to be done before printing the shot itself On the Canon’s own app of ivy mini photo printer app. These are the most FUN to print activities one can do and get their favorite shots in a tangible form.

Buy Link: Amazon India Canon Pocket Printer

3.CLAW Shoot Bluetooth Mobile Gamepad Controller

Bluetooth gaming controller

All in one controller for all your games whether it is in Andriod or Windows device, CLAW shoot got you covered for all your Gaming needs. It is a compact controller design with the abilities of a top-notch controller that not only provides 8hrs of gaming with its 400maH of battery but also a wireless range of up to 10m or 33feets. Now you can play your favorite games even if they are not natively supported by installing the ‘ShootingPlus V3’ App and play games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Free Fire, Fornite, and many more. Have a different game button layout by simply changing the mode for every other separate game. Mediatek devices are only supported in Standard mode, not in Button mapping mode. So please check out your device processor before purchasing this product BUT for every other product this the best controller that you can buy for all your Urgerness to be the Champion in your games.

Buy Link: Amazon CLAW shoot Controller

4.Crossloop GEN (TWS) Earpods with in-Built 3W Bluetooth Speaker

Crossloop earpods

Music, an art and a beauty that involves peace, harmony, rock, craziness, and whatnot.The kind of hobby most people do in their daily life. The whole world connects itself to the world and this product helps you to connect to your own world. Crossloop introduces its own Earpods with an innovative design of a built-in 3W Speaker that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, Now enjoy your music personally or have a Small Party. With this worth, the money product u can create a Banging impression in front of your friends or relatives just take earpods out of the case and you are done with the help of Instant Pair technology the smartphone detects them and connect it. Battery well you won’t be out of juice with 20hrs of playback time on earpods and 6hrs on speaker. These are Sweatrpoof with an IP rating of IPX4 so you will not get into any trouble and push yourself harder on every event of your life whether workout, working, etc. Use your fingertips to control all the playback features with the Touch sensors in the Earpods without pulling your phone out of your pocket or purse. This Product will surely show the Remarkable world of music…Have one.

Buy Link: Amazon CrossLop Earpods with 3W speaker

Well now you must be awestruck with these mind-blowing technologies, I bet that you would be eager to purchase these products.
So go ahead and try them.
Remember to have fun in your life because life is all about living in the moments.

Thank you for reading the article.

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