Nov 29, 2018 · 4 min read

Hello, this is FUNKEYpay :)

FUNKEYpay participated in the 2018 BLOCK FESTA at SETEC located in Seoul from August 22 and 23, 2018! It is a conference held by Block Media and Korea Block Chain Industry Promotion Association.

Various Blockchain companies gathered together to interact with each other through meetings, exhibitions, and conferences at the same time.

Park Won Soon, mayor of Seoul participated in the Block festa and also, Roger Ver who is called as Jesus of Bitcoin participated in the conference.

As you see the list of partners, you can find out a lot of famous companies such as Bitcoin.com, Kakao and Huobi have also participated!

There was Refresh Zone in the inside of BLOCK FESTA. Before the event day, I doubted that if there people would be lining on this sofa but it was really difficult to find an empty seat on the event day! Refresh Zone was a good place to rest.

This is auditorium where the conference was held. It was large enough to accommodate a large number of people and hear the speech.

FUNKEYpay CEO JK JUNG gave a speech on ‘Digital Marketing and Global Payment Commercialization Strategy’. He suggested the change of payment system utilizing new application technology such as Blockchain.

Many people focused on the proposal for a new payment platform!

And, Roger Ver, who is called as Jesus of Bitcoin gave a speech!

He is a celebrity in Blockchain industry, therefore many participants gathered to listen to his speech regarding ‘How Digital Change Will Change the World.’

He highlighted the importance of cryptocurrency and people were able to learn about the future of Blockchain in detail!

FUNKEYpay developers and CEO also took a picture with Roger Ver. There were so many crowds waiting for him to take a picture because he is famous enough to be called as Jesus of Bitcoin! It was impressive that he was kind to everyone.

In the middle of the hall, there was a display that repeatedly shows the introduction video of participating companies!

FUNKEYpay’s promotional video was also on the video!

FUNKEYpay’s booth was located on the left side of the entrance to the venue!
Because it was an outstanding place, many people visited here.

We arranged the business cards and brochures of the FUNKEYpay team so that participants can freely take them out. We had a great time networking with various companies.

SNS 에서 사용될 수 있는 펀키코인에 관심이 많으셨으며,

페이스북에서 펀키코인으로 결제할 수 있는 클로즈베타 시연 영상을 보시면서 많은 흥미를 보이셨습니다.

상용화가 언제 되고 ICO는 언제 하는지를 많이들 궁금해하셨습니다!

Participants were interested in FUNKEY coin that can be used in the SNS and showed a lot of interest in watching the closed beta demo video that they can pay with FUNKEY coin on Facebook.

Many participants wondered when ICO will be held!
Not only Koreans but also foreigners have been interested in FUNKEYpay and continued to have Q&A time.

Over two days, more than 50 companies participated actively. Despite the news of Typhoon Solik, many people participated in the Block Festa to see the whole of the block chain industry.

It is a picture taken at after-party when the event of BLOCK FESTA is finished! Park Won Soon, mayor of Seoul City and representatives of companies also had photo time.

We will continue to participate in many Blockchain conferences. We hope you get interested in our activities.


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