4 Mistakes You’re Making With Facebook Ads…

One of the very first things we tell our clients at FunnelCake when they begin working with us is to STOP touching their Facebooks Ads Manager. Just step back, and walk away…slowly now…*there ya go*

The reason for this, is because while Facebook Ads are an incredibly powerful tool and can be a driving force in scaling or growing your business — it is NOT as user friendly as it appears.

Can you login to Facebook and very quickly and easily create an ad online that is up and running in minutes. Yes. But should you, no.

There is an art necessary for creating a solid ad on this platform, and the 4 mistakes below are ones that we see our clients making time and time again:

Mistake #1: Exclude Audiences As Often As You Include Them

As a basic principle that all marketers know, when you market to everyone, you market to no one. When you are creating audiences while drafting up an ad, keep in mind that while these are the means by which you are targeting certain groups or people, they are also how you can exclude certain groups of people as well.

If you are writing copy to convert cold traffic that is sent over to a recent blog post meant to convert to warm traffic. You might pair that ad copy with a targeted audience for women who like “fitness, CrossFit, and The CrossFit Journal.”

If you forget to exclude those who are already your current followers, your ad dollars are not being used to their fullest because you are not reaching the people you intended to convert to your warm traffic.

The easiest way to avoid this is to simply stay organized in your online marketing, and be sure you are creating and labeling your warm audiences properly so you can exclude them in the dashboard section when you are created cold traffic ad campaigns.

Mistake #2: Boosting Your Posts (A.K.A. MY BIGGEST MARKETING PEEVE)

When we take on a new client, and I ask people what they are currently doing to market their businesses on Facebook….the number one thing I hear is that they have been boosting their posts and getting massively frustrating with little to no return on their investment. *sigh*

This is one of the biggest reasons why Facebook’s advertising tools seem user friendly and are not for those who have not done their due diligence. Stop boosting. Never again!

The issue with boosting, is that Facebook doesn’t allow you to select your objective for this action. It doesn’t know what you’re hoping to accomplish-post engagement, website traffic, bringing in more followers — so instead it just dumps all your money into a black hole, trying to do all of this at once and nothing really gets done.

Let’s say for example that you are boosting a post you created on your Facebook page at $7 per day and what you were aiming for was people clicking through to read your blog post. Those that landed on your post would subscribe and opt in for your awesome new freebie. Closing in your first day, your $7 was spent getting 11 new people to like your page, 2 people to comment on the actual post, 4 people to click through to your blog and consume your content (only one of which actually takes you up on the freebie) and 1 person engages on another post on your blog, maybe even finds their way to your IG account.

Okay NOW- let’s say instead, you would went back and created an AD from that Facebook post content, and while creating it on the dashboard you selected the objective “conversions.” This would have meant you didn’t pay Facebook until someone actually clicked through, read your post AND opted in to your freebie. YEP.

So, if you convert those people from the ad at $1.80/conversion (or $1.80/person who opts in to your freebie), the same $7/day would have resulted in 3, maybe 4 freebie opt-ins compared to the 1 you got earlier for the $7 boosted post. *nice*

To summarize, never boost a post. Take the extra 5 minutes to use that content and create a great ad and target properly based off the objective you are looking to fulfill.

Mistake #3: You’re Not Using Retargeting

If you do not yet know about retargeting, “Hear, YE!” the game is about to change. With this little magic coding treats called pixels-you are able to allow people who see your ad on the first go but don’t engage to continue seeing your ad, or a different ad, for continued exposure. We all know that conversions come with repeat exposure.

Ever feel like a certain company or influencer is personally stalking you on Facebook? Pixels.

While it’s perfectly normal to send an ad out on Facebook that gathers an 18% viewing rate, this still means that 82% of your ad spend is going to waste because those that saw you but didn’t engage with you are not to be tracked again *womp, womp*

With simple pixel installation, you can easily create a follow up ad that aims to convert that other 82% and bring even more cold traffic to your site or sales funnel, whatever the case may be.

(and, finally…)

Mistake #4: Not Targeting The RIGHT Audience

This is clutch, and again, one of those pesky marketing scenarios we see all the time from business owners trying to make sense of Facebook Ads on their own without doing their research.

You can target warm or cold traffic with an ad on Facebook. With warm, you are likely targeting those on your email list, your page followers, site or funnel traffic, etc. You could also target cold traffic by simply narrowing in on the audience you are seeking whether that is being demographics, geographics, or interest (or all of the above). In these cold traffic scenarios, as we noted above, you are also going to be excluding your warm traffic to ensure you are reaching all the right people and not wasting your ad dollars in the wrong places.

What you also need to be doing is making sure that the type of audience and the objective of your ad (traffic, conversions, etc) is in line with the ad copy and action item at the close of your ad.

Be very intentional about who you include in an ad and how you are speaking to them. Only show your ads to people that will actually have a shot at taking you up on whatever it is that you’re advertising.

Follow along with us here at the FunnelCake Marketing blog where we hope to bring you simple, actionable tips that will enhance your self promotion efforts online!