A Funny Thing Happened…

Every blog needs a first story, this is mine

I’m officially forty-something. You might think that by now I would have my shit together, but I don’t. My shit hit the fan last year and now it’s pretty much everywhere.

You see, I’m one of those lucky few women who is truly an entrepreneur at heart. In my thirties, I had a passion that led me to create a non-profit which skyrocketed at just the right time, eventually leading to a global movement. Truthfully, the bulk of that movement happened because I recognized that I could not change the sea alone, so I merged with another non-profit (one with far more means and therefore far more capabilities.) As the former captain of my ship, I realized one day that I had slowly started spending all of my time swabbing the deck and I could feel from the wind that it would soon be time to walk the plank.

If any of you have ever left a company that you were heavily invested in, you know how heartbreaking it can be to walk away. It sucked, it hurt, and it needed to be done.

Seriously, this is a Kiki Prottsman original

As my time with my org started to wind down, I found myself becoming more and more interested in things that I never thought I’d have time for again. Things like writing, painting, and humor. Now, with no new passion project to carry me into the next phase of my life, I’m putting all of my energy into these things in an attempt to enrich whatever path I end up blazing next.

Part of my growth here will be through experience. I need to experience writing fiction. I need to experience generating humor. I need to experience painting pictures. I need to shove myself into all of the things that come with creating, showing, and eventually trying to sell my arts. Once I’ve sold at least one piece in each of those categories, I will consider my experiment a success. Hopefully, on my way to the end of this project, I’ll discover a new passion that I can fight for and nurture until it inspires my next business. In the meantime, I’ll be looking for reasons to change out of my pajamas.