Starting Over

I’ve been here before, albeit 10 years ago, but I’ve started from scratch and built the foundation for my own life. I might be crazy for pivoting this late into my adulthood, but it feels like the right move and I’m having a good time — so far.

There’s still so much up in the air. Will I win the lottery? Will I create my own cryptocurrency? Will I marry rich? Time will tell. One thing I know for sure is that I’m going to need a lot of coffee.

Next month, I’ll start prototyping my team-building strategy for live audiences. The plan after that is to continue developing my corporate training business using the ideals at the foundation of computer science education (which are also at the root of almost all persistence and problem-solving experiences.) The good news is that I get to piss people off for a living and teach them to recover gracefully. The bad news is that I have almost no reputation in this space, so I’ll be counting on my good looks and sense of humor to reel clients in for a while.

News of my conquests will likely happen in bits and pieces all over social media. If you’re interested in watching my progress, make sure to follow @Kiki_Lee on Twitter and KikiProttsman on Instagram. Wish me luck.