The Morning After

It’s a daily blog…so far

It’s morning and I’m tired. So tired, in fact, that I started this installment last night so I could squeak out a couple of extra minutes of sleep before I started out on my adventure for today.

Today is going to be busy. It’s going to be the worst kind of busy — the busy where you spend all day dashing from place to place for completely unrelated meetings without any income for the trouble. It’s a day of preliminary work. Slogging. The set-up for what might one day become a paying gig. This is the Thor 2 of days for me and I’m eagerly awaiting my Ragnarok of a Friday when the kids are gone and there are no meetings on my radar.

Fortunately, I love each of the things that I’m heading out to prepare for today and I really enjoy each of the people that I get to see. I hope they are looking forward to seeing me too. I better grab a coffee before I go, or they won’t be looking forward to me for long!