Guide to Woke Insults

Who can we make fun of?

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6 min readJul 7, 2023


Don’t make the wrong joke or it’s curtains! Illustration by Dall-E and mE

Have you ever had to answer to the woke bots that troll the internet ready to terminate anything that will contaminate the blue pill humans? You know it’s a struggle to be kind to everyone and everything. Especially if you write comedy.

Swearing is currently okay. That has become as commonplace as cat videos on TikTok. Even PG-13 movies contain many creatively expressive words that would make a pirate dad proud.

I’m here to explain who you can make fun of and who you can’t. A who’s who of acceptable people or groups that are currently okay to use as a butt of a joke or as an insult — especially to someone who parked their gas-guzzling pickup truck in the only EV charging spot left at the Eagle Canyon Rest Area off of U.S. Route 50 in Utah. Until you remember it’s an open carry state and wait in your car with the windows up and wonder if your insurance covers bazooka holes.

First, who you can’t joke about? It’s not a definitive list. I’m sure there are others.

Best advice? With any joke, assume that you can’t — and then attempt to justify the joke reference. After…



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