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Slang Used To Be Cool!

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3 min readApr 6, 2024


Dudes and dudettes!

Ah nostalgia, better to live in the past than face the future — am I right?

What do we miss about the earlier stages of our lives? I am talking about childhood memories. Not including the constant beatings by your parents. Think of those occasional happy moments — in between the pummeling.

Was it the home-cooked meals mom used to make us every night? Joking. What family ate dinner every night?

My mother used a rubber mallet to tap out the contents of the Chef Boyardee Raviolis into a bowl and sat us in front of the television. As a child, I thought all food was shaped like a cylinder.

It was not until I was 13 and stayed overnight at a friend’s house that I found out food could be served warm.

Is it the sentimental longing to hear mom’s whirling electric can opener that we pine for? No, it is the cool generational slang we employed as our hidden language amongst our peers. Our slang was a secret code and had the added benefit of defining us from the previous occupants of past youth — our parents.

If you were a 1970’s teen, you had Rad words that I am sure drove ’40s war-time parents what they called Bonkers.



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