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Tip №8: Let’s get experiMENTAL

Odds are, you’re doing things a little differently right now. Many of us are figuring out how to make this new remote world work — organizing teams across the world can be challenging when you’ve got kids in the other room or dirty dishes on your mind. We’ve gone through a series of trial & error, and hopefully getting to a place where things feel a bit more normal.

But what if instead of only trying new things in reaction to the new reality, we embrace the spirit of experimentation, and try new things with purpose?

At Funworks, we’ve dedicated a time every Friday just for experimentation. We’ve been learning a lot and having fun along the way. Here are a couple pieces of advice on how you can have fun experimenting with your team:

Encourage curiosity

To get the best results, it’s important to establish these sessions as a safe space for your team to embrace their creative side. There are no wrong answers here.

Be prepared to fail

It’s important to remember that you learn just as much when you fail as when you succeed. So be prepared to try things that don’t work so well, it’s all a part of the process.

Save time for reflection

This is a staple piece of advice from us here at Funworks, but it’s always important to give your team a moment to reflect on what they just experienced. Ask your team: what was your favorite part? What parts didn’t feel right? Was anything confusing? Take notes, have an open mind, and think of how you can improve for next time.

A good place to start: Ask your team what’s been painful when it comes to communicating in the digital world. Then spend a few minutes brainstorming possible solutions. The best ideas could help fuel your upcoming experimentation sessions!

Hi — We’re Funworks. We’re part agency, part consultancy. Like some kind of mythical creature. But with a process that makes your brand work harder and your teams work better.

If you’d like us to help your team have fun, stay connected and come up with creative solutions to hard problems, hit us up:



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